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Trouble with tune price?

instead of paying $650.00 for a tune up, could you tell me why my chevy venture 03 with 177,000 miles does not start the first time i crank it? it takes at least two to three times to start?

Try this: Turn the key to “on” and wait 5 seconds. Then turn the key to “start.” See if that makes a difference and report back.

$650 is a lot. What are they proposing to do for $650, and where are you taking the vehicle?

thanks for the tip; that works pretty good if the car has not sit for more than 30 minutes, is this something i should be concerned about?

 My guess is mcparadise  was thinking it might be a fuel pump.  It sounds like he was right.

Now about $650 for a tune-up.  There is no tune-up on a modern car.  There are maintenance that needs to be done that some people call a tune-up and everyone seems to have their own idea of what should be included.  Let us know what that $650 includes.

In the owner's manual you will find a list of the maintenance items that should be done and when.  Unless that includes a timing belt, it seems rather high.  You may be about due for your second timing belt at that mileage.

This would be a likely indication of problems with the fuel pump.
If the fuel filter was not changed every 30k miles or so, you could have put a lot of extra stress on the fuel pump.