Buying a Dodge Ram 3500

i was looking at buying a dodge ram 3500 extended cab,dually, 4x4, from a local car lot. it has the 5.9 liter 12 valve deisel engine and the six speed manual transmission with over drive. the only problem that i am seeing with the vehicle is the fact that it has 222000 miles on it and i was wondering if this ammount of mileage was nearing a point where if i bought the vehicle i would be soon having to spend large ammounts of money on a rebuild of any kind. I dont know much about this specific vehicle and would greatly appreciate your feed back.

Unless the price is extraordinarily low, I would give this one a pass. Diesels typically run longer than gas-powered vehicles but you know nothing about this vehicles history. You’re buying it from a local car lot which tells me you’re buying it “as-is”. Too risky.

they are asking 2000 over blue book and there are recent upgrades to the engine. i believe there is a chance i can get them to lower the price, but we know how dealers are. the carfax site says there are 10 reported histories and i hate to pay for the stupid report that is “unlimited” for only 30 days.

I think I’d pass on this one. If you really want a Dodge Ram 3500, I recommend trying to find one from a private owner.

Don’t walk, RUN away from this one.

does anyone know what i am asking? im asking about the service entervals and if i bought it would i be near one that would cost me alot of money. im not aksking advice on weather or not i should buy one, maybe i want to know what milage is too much milage for the dodge ram engines and transmissions.

Well, it depends on how the pickup was driven, how it was maintained and what work has recently been done.
The injectors and injector pump can be quite expensive. Any work on the turbo system, transmission or transfer case can be too.

They’re good vehicles if you can find one that wasn’t abused or had it’s guts run out from being overloaded. What have you got for records and past maintenance receipts? Without an excelent paper trail for work done, I’d probaby pass. If it’s clean with no rust, and top notch records you might do ok.

Oh yeah, i left out spending some well spent money on a compression test. If this is a diesel with low compression, or uneven compression then it’s time to pass.

thank you so much for some actual information on what i have asked and what else i should check for. i will follow your advice and hopefully all goes well, if not, then i will pass and find a new truck for myself