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Trouble Starting Ford Five Hundred

For the past several months, I have encountered difficulty starting my 2007 Ford Five Hundred. When I put the key in the ignition and turn it, the car will either start right away or the ignition will turn over but the car won’t start – almost like I’ve flooded the engine or something. When it does this, I usually end up taking the keys out of the ignition and trying again. This works. I have never NOT been able to start the car. It has always started for me after a try or two. Also, I don’t think its an alternator problem because I haven’t noticed any change in the speed of my blinkers. Any ideas what this could be?

07 - Under warranty? Let the dealer figure it out. Are you running E-85 fuel?

I agree that the solution to your problem should be spelled w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y. Don’t attempt to give the dealership a diagnosis, simply because they will ignore it. Just describe the symptoms and let them figure out how to resolve the issue.

Have you tried a different key? I’m thinking that sounds like the VATSystem acting up.

As the others suggested. You bring it to the dealer. You tell the dealer what you have observed. You answer any questions. You don’t suggest what you think it is. A nice dealer will look like they are listening, but they aren’t. Chances are they have a prescribed procedure for almost everything and they are required to follow that procedure to get paid for their work under the warranty.