Ford Focus starting dilemma. HELP!

I own a 2008 Ford Focus. Periodically, the car will not start. There is no crank noise. All icons light up. After approximately 10 mins., the car will varrrrom, start right up with no delay. There is no rhyme or reason to when it happens. The only thing in common is the waiting time. I left it at the Ford dealership for 2 days hoping that it would act up, but of course, it did not. We have disscussed the starter, ignition switch, anti-theft and other various solutions to the problem, however we are not anxious about changing anything without knowing what the problem is. Any ideas?

When you try to start it and it does not, do all the dash lights go out?

You could also have a bad starter cable, bad connections at the starter ,battery or ground, bad neutral safety switch, ignition switch, starter, clutch interlock switch (if it is a manual) or gear selector out of adjustment (automatic) ,
No one is going to find out without getting their hands dirty.

Try starting it in neutral and wiggling the shifter when starting it if you haven’t already.

Thanks for all your comments. We are still having trouble after replacing the battery that went dead on us. My husband is wondering if that could have been the culprit and causes some sort of electrical problem in the starter. The dash lights do not go out. All icons stay lit. We’ve tryed the wiggle thing. Didn’t help. A few times hubby has tapped on the starter, taken the relay switch apart and tested it. Both times the car started directly after. We had the computer rebooted at the Ford dealership back in the begining of the trouble, but were thinking of doing it again now that the battery has been replaced. Any thoughts?