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Toyota pickup

I have an 89 Toyota 4X4 pickup. It’s idle is off, where it stalls sometimes and misses while driving. I believe it’s a leak ihe exhaust system. SO I replaced the gaskets between the manifold and tailpipe where I saw a leak. Still not running right. any ideas?

engine??? suspect 4cyl? trans??? no clue…

How many miles on it?? Has the carb ever been rebuilt? The distributer? These things don’t last forever…

Is this truck 2-bbl carb 4-cyl, EFI 4-cyl, or EFI V6? The carbuerated version needs periodic adjustments once it gets this old. There should be an idle speed control screw on the carb down near the throttle linkage to adjust this up.

The EFI versions are controlled by the computer. Check and clean the idle air controller. Finding them gunked up with carbon is not uncommon.

please tell us what engine and tran your veh has???

I think that by '89 you could only get a carbed Toyota truck in a 2wd.

The first thing to do is to do a quick tune-up. Change the plugs, cap, rotor, check the wires and reset the timing using the procedure on the emissions sticker. If that doesn’t resolve it, check the throttle position sensor-- this is a pretty common problem on the 22RE motor. Here’s a link all about it:

You’ll need an ohm-meter. It may only need to be adjusted, but they do also go bad from time to time. Also, if you do have to adjust it or replace it, you’ll have to take the thermostat housing off, so go ahead and buy yourself a new thermostat while you’re in there.

Consider adding a $6 can sea foam to gas- wally world here in OR now has it. an check your fuel filter sounds like it is dirty. a cheap fix is a new filter. happy travels

A leak in the exhaust usually won’t cause an engine misfire unless it is upstream of the oxygen sensor.

Sorry for the lack of info. 4cyl 22RE Manual transmission. It has 173,000 miles on it.
Fuel injection. truck is only acting up some of the time. weird?