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Trouble filling gas tank

For the last several months, I have had trouble filling my gas tank. It repeatedly ‘clicks off’ (40 - 50 times during a fill up.) It happens at different gas stations. Coincidentally, I loaned my car to a friend’s daughter several months ago, the problem started after that. Apparently though, “nothing happened.” The car is a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe with 90,000 miles.

I think that your friend’s daughter (or someone else) overfilled the gas tank–perhaps repeatedly–thereby causing a problem with the evaporative emissions system.

When the pump at the gas station clicks off for the first time, that means–NO more gas should go into the tank. If you continue to force gas into the tank by repeatedly “clicking” the pump handle, you eventually wind up damaging the car’s evaporative emissions system, including the expensive carbon canister that is the heart of the system.

This is the most likely problem, but there could also be something blocking the filler neck(anti-rollover valve) that got jostled around. Find a long enough flexible hose you can fit down the filler neck and see if it pops loose. If nothing is in the way, then VDC is correct, and you’ll likely have to seek out your friend’s daughter to cover the bill in part, or whole.