Check engine code P0106 VW Jetta SE 2.5L engine should this be dealer cost?

Took my car to the dealer for a check engine light, the code came back P0106 which states I need my throttle valve cleaned and the dealer also said I need my brake vacuum pump replaced… Do these go hand in hand? How should I proceed with the dealer? I have only 60,000 miles on my vehicle was there a recall on this issue? The dealer already updated the software in the technical bulletin.

The code indicates a problem with Manifold/Barometric pressure sensor.

This isn’t covered under the emission warranty.

This emission component is covered for only 2 years/24,000 miles from the time of sale.


Here’s more info on the code. Most likely cause is a faulty/dirty MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor.

The brake vacuum pump has nothing to do with this code. If your brakes are working properly there may be nothing at all wrong with the pump. I suspect the dealer is looking for problems that don’t exist. But if you are concerned, at least get a second opinion elsewhere. Do not let the dealer fleece you.