Trickle charger settings

Thanks for any help.

89 - 98 0lds has sat idle 6mo

I have a Dayton charger 2z198d

which setting 6v10a 12v2a 12v10a

Use the 12 volt 2 amp charge rate. This will take a while for the battery to recharge, if it even will, and put a full charge into the battery. Charging at a faster amp rating only puts a surface charge on the battery. Which results in short battery charge life.


Thanks I will do that.

May I ask another question?

Since the car has been idle should I worry about the gasoline? Would an additive be appropriate? If so which one or which kind? Should I put in new gas?

It wouldn’t hurt to dump a can of Sea Foam in the gas tank to remove any moisture or gum and varnish and then fill the tank.


Six months is usually not long enough to cause a gas problem, but if it was near empty or if you just are un-lucky it might be a good idea to add some fresh gas. Also Tester’s suggestion for SeaFoam is not bad. It is too late to use a gas stabilizer.

You can start off with the 12v-10a rate and after an hour or two drop to the 2 amp rate. I suspect the charger will do this automatically as the battery charges. Check all the fluids and tire pressure while you are waiting…