Several weeks ago you gave a rather lengthy discussion why people should not use treadmills. As usual you both carried on about how crazy it was to use a treadmill when you could just walk to the gym and avoid its use all together. I sat in my car and listened to your reasons and just had to respond. I have used a treadmill for the last 20 years or so every place I have lived and let me explain some of the reasons why: I have never been chased by a mad dog, I have never been rained on, I have never been hit by a car, I have never tripped on a broken sidewalk, I have never been mugged, I have never slipped on ice, I have never been struck by lightning, I have never been splashed by a passing car, I have never suffered sun stroke, I have never suffered from frost bite, I have never been asked to give money to a homeless person, the outside path to the gym is not air conditioned or heated, nor does it have a TV or music in the background, I have never been able to pick up a date while walking to the gym, and finally, I can’t listen to your show while avoiding all these hazards. Can you understand now, why I choose to use a treadmill? And I do enjoy your show. Respectfully submitted by Doug, Miami, Florida.

Doug, the shows are reruns. Also you need to edit your post, it is never a good idea to put your full name and location on an open web site.

“the shows are reruns”

…from…perhaps…as long ago as 17 or 18 years…

… you ve never seen a rainbow, or smelled the spring rain (ozone), had a pretty girl smile at you, found a twenty dollar bill, met a future girlfriend, made a friend, seen new things, smelled the roses or honeysuckle. all these things have happened to me while I walked.

of course some of the bad stuff too, that’s life…