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Transporting my car interstate

If I have my 2000 S40 Volvo hauled by a reputable company
is this safe for the car? Thank you in advance for replying.
Love Car Talk I can count on good advice and great laughs.

Yes. Check the cost and decide whether you want to have it transported or drive it yourself.

When you say “hauled” I’m assuming you’ll be having it transported by truck.

A word to the wise, if you value this car, go for a covered trailer.

A couple of days ago, on I94 in Wisconsin, on my way to work, I saw on the westbound lane a car hauler with a load of collector cars on an open trailer. 4 of them could be sonsidered collectables. The rearmost upper one was a 57 (or so) Chevy pickup. ALL of the cars were white, completely covered in salt spray residue.

A co-worker just had his new to him 2005 prius trucked up from Arizona to Washington with no problems, you could check with the company to see if they will cover the car for you with at least a tarp. Covered car transporters are the better way to go but for this car it depends on how much more it costs. Classics and exotics are more commonly shipped in enclosed trucks.

A tarp can actually do more harm than good. About ten years ago, the R & D department I was woking for shipped a prototype truck based cleaning system from the Twin Cities to San Diego on a flatbed semi. Unbeknownced to us, the truck driver took it upon himself to cover the cab and machinery with a tarp. When we arrived in San Diego to unload it for the tests, we found that the tarp, flapping in the wind stream of the trip, had actually abraded paint off of various parts of the cab. It looked bad, and the boss was NOT happy.

If you want to save some money, perhaps quite a large sum, and willing to take on some risk, you could probably find somebody who’d drive it there for you. There’s a sort of network that does this, they are moving cars all around the USA. The driver will— say – drive one car from San Francisco to Chicago, then once he delivers that car to Chicago, they’ll put the driver in another car and have him drive the next one from Chicago back to Reno. Then they’ll have a car in Reno that needs to go to San Francisco, so the driver returns with this third car. I’ve heard good things about these services. I think there is probably an internet site or two is how it is organized now-a-days. I think the drivers are often college students, they do it for a little tuition money, and a way to get between home & back to school for holidays etc. I’ve never tried this kind of service myself, so this is all second-hand info I’ve offering. Maybe somebody here has some first-hand experience.

I was watching Chasing Classic Cars last night. The host shipped a car from CT to CA and it cost $1200. I don’t think that you will get a better price than that for a covered trailer.