Transportation problem

Too much time in school huh? About ten hours worth on the snow blower. At least that is the annual average. I don’t keep track of the number of times but i’d say about 20.

We have a prediction of ice and 9 degrees Fahrenheit in November, but that is INSIDE one of the Orlando area resorts.

Click and Clack had the answer many years ago…

It’s the choke pull off.


Haha, tell you what, you stay up four days in constant pain and see how well you catch any typing errors.

Been there, done that…

If you have already been there and done it that tells me you have not really done what I’m talking about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The exercise is good for what ails you. We enjoy it so much that we do couple-a-three neighbor’s driveways and sidewalks to help them out.

Emergency, Help!

Vehicle no wanna go. Tell me how to fix it.

Yeah I used to do that too because I was the only one with a snow blower and had to take a vacation day because I couldn’t get to work. But after a while I figured I was spending my vacation blowing snow and wearing out my snow blower so no one else had to buy one. The cookies were nice but still we were all the same age so no one unable.

Our neighbors are unable. The guy next door has atrial fibrillation and has problems with balance. The guy across the street is obese, has diabetes, and had a GI problem that had him in an induced coma for over a week. Even at that, we probably don’t use our snow thrower more than 6 hours a year.

You get a gold star for being a good neighbor. I try to do my neighbor’s when he’s gone but his kid has the ATV with a plow on it and likes to clear driveways for fun. It’s a fight who gets there first. I like to have people owing me rather than the other way around but the kid is quick.

You keep score? I don’t. These guys would never catch up. Maybe one day I’ll need help, and it almost certainly won’t be them. Get a reputation as a good friend, and the other neighbors will respond accordingly. Maybe that’s what you meant.

I used to have a neighbor with that setup, he would do that… or not… depending on his mood at the moment, but when he went on his ATV attacking the snow piles, all us “shovel-diggers” would just stop and watch his acrobatics - guy was clearly enjoying himself

Many years ago, I had a friend that rented 1 side of a two condo setup. The neighbor was a single woman with two kids that did nothing around the house to help out. We got socked in one day and I took off work. Finished up early so headed over to my friend’s house to plow his driveway before he got home. It was basically one big wide driveway so I would do the whole thing, including the neighbor’s half. I get mostly done with his side and am backed up to his garage door for a final push when the neighbor kid comes home with some of his buddies. They see me in the driveway and barrel into their side at an angle. With two feet of snow, they only make it halfway. The car is sticking out half into the driveway directly in front of me, blocking me. They all get out, look at me and continue into the house.

OK. I have to plow some of the yard to get out of the driveway. Then I plow the neighbor’s driveway, packing every bit of snow I can find up to their beached car without touching it. Some good 4’ banks of packed snow. Just enough room behind so my buddy can get into his garage.

They haven’t lifted a shovel since they moved in, I always plowed their’s because of my friend. Now they get to find out what shoveling is all about.

My buddy called me in hysterics later that night. I explained what happened. He told me they were out there all afternoon and nowhere near had it dug out. According to him, it was about 3 days before it was liberated.

The next time I showed up, they came bursting out of the place to move their car…


I know it’s a little unfair but one of the reasons I left that house building for needy folks organization as I just got fed up with the clientele. I was on the Board for years but on the last house I was involved with, the neighbors were complaining about the grass not being cut while the place was under construction. So after my 10-12 hour day, I hauled my rider down there to cut the grass. I broke down and had to take it home again to fix it. The recipient was sitting on the steps watching me. A couple days later I went back down again to finish the job and nothing had been touched. I half way expected she would have finished the job herself but no such luck. So I kind of just figured, geez at least cut your own dang grass. We built you a house, at least cut the grass. That wasn’t the end though or the only clientele issues over the years. She had a live-in boyfriend that if both incomes would have been considered, she would have been disqualified.


Going house to house with a snow shovel is how I earned the money to get a two transistor AM radio when I was in elementary school.

I had the first snowthrower on our court. An 8 HP, 1972 Ariens that I bought in 1990. It was bigger than I needed, but worked so quickly that once I started it up I did all my neighbors. However, my schedule was so erratic from being on call on the road they could not depend on me. When I retired, I did not get up early enough for most of them, so all the widows have a plow service now and the 40 year old guy next to me does my driveway if I don’t get out early enough.
I have to;d him he doesn’t have to do it but he tell me I am old and should stay on the house drinking coffee.
He says he is trying to repay me for me using my rider to cut the field behind our houses back about 35 feet.
I probably run my Airens about 10 hours a year no because I have a 1990 4 hp Toro single stage I use if it is less than 4". I need the big one when the snow in the back yard when my little Westie can’t get through the snow if it gets more than 3’ deep.

I wish I could get a car as reliable as a snowblower, I have never had one in the shop. I never replace a plug or clean a carb unless one starts running poorly or starts hard. I have cleaned the carb once on each and each has had 2 plugs. Even cleaning the carbs was not a disassemble and soak, it was just remove the float bowl and spray.

If its too loose tighten it

I beat you to it by several years with that comment.