Transmission problem



I have a Mazda 626, year 2000. Live in dallas, tx.

After about 10-15 miles of driving, the car misbehaves

1) transmission start to slip (i think).

2) the rpm goes up

3) the O/D lighted lights up

I took it to my mechanic (who claims to be a transmissions expert). He said it needs a transmission overhaul.

After the overhaul, the same thing happended. Charged me quite a bit (about $1.5k)

Back to mechanic. He said the solenoid is broke.

Again, driving it same problem. Its almost like nothing has changed.

This time around, mechanic says he has driven the car and finds no problem so far. Infact, the first time I took the car, he said he can electronically check the memory and chips to see malfunction. So I was surprised to hear him say this now.

Will have to force him to sit with me and drive it. My sixth sense is not so sureā€¦

(Why is so hard to find a good mechanic ?)