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my trailblazer will not move in reverse , and will barely move forward, i checked transmission fluid hot and it’s not even on the dipstick but when it was cold. it was?? do i add more or what?..

top off the fluid level. It should be Dexron 6. FYI it’s more accurate to do a hot check.

When the engine is not running the fluid should register well above the full mark on the dipstick. After starting the engine cold the fluid should drop well below the full mark but rise as the temperature increases. To accurately check the fluid level it is necessary to repeatedly wipe the stick and reinsert it otherwise the fluid on the tube wall will be confusing.

This site has good ideas most of the time. Yes, it is recommended to keep trans fluid levels close to the “ok” marks on the dipstick. There is usually a hi-lo range on dipstick. Fluid should fall between these marks in most cases.

Do not be surprised if you end up in the market for a rebuilt transmission. The lack of a substantial amount of fluid can damage an automatic transmission in seconds.
The addtion of fluid may, or may not, get it moving again but I wouldn’t go too far from home with it.

when the is engine cold, it’s on the dipstick. when the engine hot there is no fluid what does that mean?

Check the Dipstick while the engine is running and warmed up and on a level surface. It should be a nice transarent reddish color.
Also do you feel the transmission engaging when you shift into gears?
Having too much tranny fluid is just as bad as not enough.

ok i warmed up the car, checked the dipstick and nothing no fluid at all. so i guess i keep adding more right.

yes, add through the dipstick 1/2 quart at a time till you see it on the dipstick. then add more a little at a time till its at the sweet spot.
then if that works go shut it off and look around under the vehicle for a leak. maybe just need to tight the bolts around the tranny drain pan.

ok thank you so much for the info… i may be back in touch. thanks again …