Transmission fluid level

When is the best time check the transmission fluid level? Cold or hot?

And unlike the oil level, the tranny crosshatchs on the stick are much further away from each other (cold/hot)and how do you know how much to put in?

I’ve only run across transmissions that are supposed to be checked hot. Your owner’s manual undoubtedly gives this information, as well as what gear setting it needs to be in (some specify Park, others, Neutral), and what the markings on the dipstick indicate.

If I have to add fluid, I like to put in about a half pint at a time. Like NYBo, all the trans I deal with need to be checked hot.

NYBo–You actually expect someone to reach a-a-a-a-l-l-l-l the way over to the glove compartment, take out the Owner’s Manual, and read the relevant section of the Owner’s Manual? Don’t you think that this is unrealistic?


Always check HOT, parked on a LEVEL SURFACE, ENGINE RUNNING, and gear selector set to what owners manual or dip stick specify. Look at the dip stick, it could say something like “Check Hot, in Park”. Fill to the “Full Hot” mark on the dip stick.


Iv’e checked mine cold. If it is at the lowest mark cold then its o.k. If its below,add.
just my experience.