looking for imput, I have a 1994 toyota corolla with 78,000. Car has sentimental value to me however I only put about 3000 mile a year on it. My question is my transmission is leaking fluid from one of the coolant lines. By the sounds of this is it worth fixing or not. It was my mothers car whom has passed away.

let me add I have been told its a pump in the tranny about 500 dollars or so?

I would say a 94 Corolla in good condition is worth a lot more than $500.

A leak from a coolant line should be an easy fix. I don’t see what the pump has to do with it, other than it pumps the fluid around, but the leak could be as easy as tightening up a connection or replacing the line.

Well worth fixing, even for $500 if that is necessary.

A Corolla with only 78,000 miles is defintely worth keeping. As per other posters, it is worth spending some money to repair it properly. These cars have a very long life, and are easy to repair and maintain.