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I have a 2000 Dodge Ram 15 passenger van, v-8. When I drive it at first it runs fine but then later as it warms up, it does not want to go into 2nd gear and I have to jump 2nd gear by putting it in neutral and then back into drive and it will skip 2nd and go to 3rd gear. Is the transmission going out or is there a sensor that may be going out that is not allowing it to know when to change gears?

Last trans fluid and filter service was…

Not long ago and we have it serviced regularly as well.

we have it serviced regularly

Does that include transmission fluid changes?

While it should be done, it seems many owners and shops don’t bother changing the transmission until it is too late. This is one case that even the dealers tend to ignore.

I woulld bet it is an electrical problem Dodge vans have good transmissions, hold up a long time.

Hard to say. But I think you’ll need a xmission shop to take a look in any event. Ask your regular inde mechanic for a local xmission shop recommendation. Be sure to tell that shop owner who recommended them to you.

The governor pressure sensors and governor transducers are known problems in these transmissions. I suggest getting it scanned for codes and post any codes shown by the scanner.


thanks guys