My sister has a 1995 Jeep 150thousand miles

she had the transmission rebuilt last Dec09

this past month feeling a tug. Took it back to the mechanic who had a local trans expert?

look at it.

She got it back and doing the same thing.

She gets it into 2nd gear it is fine.

They think it now maybe a sensor or electrical? Can anyone help…

Going to need a little more information than “Feeling a tug”. Drive it and tell me exactly what it is doing. What engine is in this Cherokee??


6 cylinder straight - it lags ( better desc?)
until it gets into 2nd gear

Automatic or manual?

It was rebuilt 12/2009- trans


You did check the fluid level, and it is ok, yes?


Are you trying to say that it takes too long to shift from 1st to 2nd ?? Sort of like the engine RPM’s are winding up too high then it finally shifts?


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