Got a 96 Suburban,5.0 .1500, 2w drive. Had a stuck front brake caliper and had it repaired recently. Now it seems like my transmission may have been damaged because I hear a whizzing noise under the car when in gear but not in neutral.Did the front brake overlaod the shifting process? And svc light comes on now. Comments?

The front brake caliper is quite a distance from the transmission. Damage could occur only if a part fell off and somehow damaged the trnasmuission shift linkage, or your repair shop damaged the trnasmission while fixing the brake.

Please have a good independent TRANSMISSION shop check out the problem and fully explain to them your brake caliper broblem.

I replied to your first post but now that I see this post with different information I have one more question… Have you had the computer scanned for codes?? If not,I suggest you do to see why that ses light came on. Post back with the code/s.