I have a 98 Jeep Sahara, automatic, and shifting into gear results in a somewhat dramatic jerk. Also, it does not seem to want to shift as I accelerate but does when I take my foot off the gas. Quick fix suggestions outside of driving it into the ocean?

Can we assume that you have already checked the level, the color, and the odor of the transmission fluid? If so, what did you find?

Also, please give us the maintenance history of this transmission. If the fluid and filter have not been changed regularly, then that probably tells us the origin of the problem.

This transmission should have been serviced at least 3 times already. If it was not serviced in the last 3 years/30k miles, that service should be on your immediate agenda, but this may not save the transmission if it was previously ignored.

Level, ordor and color look good. As for a history of maintenance, my father-in-law gave it to me so it is safe to say the maintenance history is dubious. I have no documentation other than when I got it (126,000 miles) and took it to the local yocal shop, they said it was fine.

could you please check if you have a cable that goes from the accelerator flap at the intake to the transmission case ?

The what to the what? I appreciate the assistance but you sure have lost me.

I think what he is asking is if there is if it uses a shift cable. That would be a cable from the accelerator to the trans. Some cars use vacume via a modulator valve and others a shift cable. The cable can be adjusted for proper shift points and a module can go bad. First thing check and change fluid if it hasn’t been done then a trans shop to adjust the cable or check the modulator.

Two things to check (In this order)

#1 TV (Throttle Valve) cable. Sounds like its way too tight.
and if the cable adjustment is ok:
#2 Check for a sticking governor. (Sticking open)

I’m willing to bet on #1 since if its adjusted too tight, increasing the line pressure it will bang into gear and drag out the shifts until you let up on the throttle.