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98 Jeep Wrangler auto linkage

My linkage in 98 Jeep Wrangler it out of adjustment. I have to go into 2nd gear then up to drive to get into drive.
I can’t find any way to adjust it or what is actually wrong…

I’ve been driving it like this for almost 2yrs. The other day it came out of park so I decided it’s time…

Have you checked the bushing at the end of the shift cable where it attaches to the lever at the transmission?

I did read that online and I think I looked right at it but not sure. I will double check it. Thank you

Follow the linkage visually as best you can from the shift lever all the way to the transmission lever. Something may be loose along that path,lock nut came loose, worn bushing, etc. That would be a good time to make sure the entire path is clean of gunk and properly lubed.

If that all looks good, there’s often plastic gadgets in the shift column that can get out of whack. My own truck’s transmission linkage has never needed an adjustment. If it did I’d follow exactly the Ford procedure per the service manual. It involves placing precisely sized drill bits through index holes to set the linkage, then tightening the fasteners to set it in place.