Transmission trouble

We have 3 Dodge trucks in our family. A '96 2500 Van, a '94 Ram 1500, and a '99 Durango. All 3 hang up in second gear for a while. Is there a simple (cheap) way to prevent this from happening.

Auto or manual? Same drivers?

Auto , different drivers

As the mechanics often say, “they all do that”.

My 95 Dodge Dakota started doing this at ~67k miles. A fluid and filter change fixed it, but it started up again at 87k miles. Does it seem stuck in 2nd until you let off the gas and then upshift? Is it more noticeable in cold weather? I don’t remember the details but I believe it’s some sort of seal that needs to be replaced. I was quoted ~500 for the repair 5 years ago, mostly labor. Transman should be able to tell you more.

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Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. Yes I sometimes have to let up on the gas for it to shift. I used some Seafoam in it a couple of times and it helped for a while. I think it is a valve sticking and should not cost $500. Anhway I ain’t gonna spend the money 'til I have to. My '96 started it at about 55k and I changed the oil and filter which helped but about 90k it started again. Does anyone else have a cure for this problem??

Well, the 94 and the 96 probably both have leaking front (Direct) clutches. Chrysler had issues with these years. The problem is in the machining process in the front clutch drums. The hub where the inner piston seal sits was machined too deep. What happens is the inner piston seal shrinks down into the groove which reduces the surface area where the seal contacts the piston. This causes the clutch to leak hydraulically causing late shifting. Are you also noticing a delay in reverse engagement?? I tell my customers to pour a can of Berrymans B-12 Chemtool in the trans. This will help soften the seals to reduce the leaking. I have a 95 Ram Dually and used it in my own transmission until I was able to rebuild it. Now, on the 99, have you had it scanned yet? Your problem could be in the Governor transducer. This is a very common issue in the later RE models.


 WEll, Transman, I believe you are right on.  Thanks for the info.  I don't knoow where I can get that Berrymans B-12 Chemtool but I will try.  I live in Independence MO.

Walmart may have it. Advance Auto or O’Reilly’s have it for sure.

Thanks jayhawkroy

 Well I bought that Berryman B-12 but it was for the fuel system but I took your advice and put it in the transmission.  I haven't driven it yet.

It will be a metal, round, red, white, and blue 16 oz can with a white screw on cap. It says Berrymans B-12 Chemtool, “In the gas in the oil”. I get mine at Wal mart, Auto Zone and Pep Boys.


Here you go…

Well, it’s a little late but the one I used just said gas tank, fuel injection, and carbuerator.

easy fix…don’t buy dodges

Sorry…I was just being ornery and could not pass that up

I hope you’re sorry. This ole 96 2500 van is still a pretty good machine. It only has 113k miles on it yet. The starter and water pump have been replaced but the alternator hasn’t The rear brakes were not replaced until 98k miles.