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Transmission (Transaxle) Overhaul cost, Mazda 1996 Protege

What price range should/would an overhaul cost in the Midwest?


On a 96 Mazda?

You want to install a used transmission instead of overhauling the existing transmission.

I just replaced the transmission in the wife’s 97 Accord with a used one which cost $300.00.

Of course, my labor was free.


The only way to get a reasonable idea of the prices is that you are going to have to do research in your area yourself. Anything here is going to be just a guess and could be close or not even close.

On my GMs I’ve usually paid around $2000+ for overhauls, from independent ATRA member shop. No idea about a Mazda though but $3000 would not be a surprise.

Yeah, I’d expect $2500 to $3000 for an automatic transmission rebuild.

@Tester … just curious why you recommend a used replacement rather than a rebuild? I would have guessed you’d end up with a better result with a rebuild as long as the shop does the job correctly. Or are there issues with these particular transmissions making them difficult to rebuild?



A rebuilt transmission will cost more than what the vehicle is worth.

A 1996 Mazda?


By “rebuilt transmission” do you mean the cost for a shop to rebuild the existing one?

In my neck of the woods, a 1996 Protege is worth less than $1500 in running condition

For the $2000 - $3000 price for a rebuild, it might be better to look for an entire car . . . !

Such as an older Camry, Civic, Accord or Corolla

My decision is made. Get a different car. Next question: how to get rid of the Mazda sitting in my driveway?

Call your local auto recyclers (junk yards) and tell them you wish to recycle the vehicle.

If the vehicle can be driven and you deliver it to the recycler you’ll get more for the vehicle.

In my neck of the woods, if you deliver the vehicle you can get up to $300.00 for it. If they come and tow it away, $100.00.

You will also need the vehicles title of ownership in order to recycle the vehicle.

Also write the word SALVAGE across the face of the title.

Also remove the license plates.


Agree; here any car that age is normally scrapped when the transmission packs it in. It’s sad but a fact of life. A friend of my wife had a perfectly good Mazda 6 with only 70,000 miles on it. It was 10 years old and a transmission overhaul would cost more than what the car was worth.

I’ll buy a 06 Mazda with bad trans for $500. Maybe more