Transmission Replacement

I own a 1997 Mazda 626 with 87,500+ miles. I was informed that in order to get the vehicle in proper running condition I needed a transmission. The cost for replacing transmission, parts and labor will amount to approximately $3600.00. Do I get the vehicle fixed?

Since I cannot afford a new vehicle, and can only afford to spend at the most $9,000.00 for a “previously owned” vehicle, what is my best option?

We’ve had posts like this before, and the decision depends on what shape the vehicle is in at this time. If the car is OK in every other way, I would fix the transmission or install a rebuilt one. A good independent shop should be able to give you the best options. The $3600 quoted seems a little high, but not out of line.

Please tell us the condition of the car and what maintenance you have done on it.

The Mazda 626 is a very good car if well maintained; a friend of mine had a 1987 model which lost its transmission. They decided to get a new car, since at 22 years other things would soon go wrong. The car had been reliable up till then.