Transmission frozen?

ok. major problem. i have a 2000 subaru impreza 2.5 rs. i was driving to work and the transmission sort of grinded in second once. bout ten miles later i took it out of gear to start to stop and then it wouldnt go back into any gear. did a tooth or something break off into it and cause it? or did something else happen.

Sounds to me like your clutch has failed. Try this: with the engine NOT running see if you can easily put the transmission into all gears. If you can, try this: put the transmission into first gear and start the engine. Push the clutch to the floor and try to put the transmission into reverse. If you get a lot of grinding your clutch isn’t releasing, which can be caused by a failed pressure plate or a failing / failed hydraulic clutch release system.

If you have a hydraulic clutch release check its fluid.

even when i puch the clutch or not it wont go into any gear. the car will start fine with me pushing the clutch. even though its in gear its hard to move the shifter, but you can tell its in nuetral cause it moves and you can push the car. i dont know. shops wont touch it around here with out having to drop the transmission. and to do that i have to pay 400 bucks. i just hope i dont have to buy a new one.

I agree. I think the clutch is not releasing. Try putting it in all the gears without pushing the clutch while on a level surface, engine OFF, parking brake off. If you can get it in gear, there is a problem with your clutch hydraulics or cable. Does the clutch feel the same pushing it down or does it feel more loose(less resistance)? Another aid is while you are trying to get it into gear, have someone push the car forward or backward a little. That will help align the gears.

Did you try changing gears with the engine NOT RUNNING?

yea. i sat at my bosses house tryin to after it was off. then bout 6 hours later atfer i was done painting i went and tried it again and still nothing. it just stays in nuetral and will barely budge in certain spots and wont go into any gears.

Sure sounds like the transmission is broken. The salvage yard can sell the mechanic a used one. Rebuilding one could cost about $800.

It is very difficult to understand you. Please PROOFREAD your posts before you submit them.

If I understand what you’re trying to say, with the engine running or not you can’t get the transmission into gear, it’s been stuck in neutral since the failure happened. If that’s so, how did it get to your boss’s house? Are you able to drive the car at all? If you can drive it how are you getting it into gear? How are you shifting gears?

Please answer carefully, and provide as much information as possible.

it happened on my way to my bosses house. im not driving it now. it literally happened just as i was about to pull into his drive way for work. yes. its been stuck in nuetral since the accident and wont go into gear with the engine running or not. or if i push in the clutch or not.

If it’s not the shifter, it’s probably the shift forks in the transmission itself.

so if its the forks, is that a cheap fix or code for needing a new transmission.

Shops must make a profit to stay open. The owner can stay home and go broke slowly, why should he get up and work hard to quickly go broke? An all wheel drive Subaru requires more labor to remove the transmission than many similar sized cars but there is no way to timidly/cheaply know the condition of the clutch and transmission without removing the transmission. When shopping for your next car look for a simpler and more common model. The transmission can be removed and re-installed in some older domestic pickups in less than an hour.

the value of this car is around 6k to 7k.

i would think it would be worth it to repair it, versus throwing it away.

yes, it is going to cost you to repair it, but that is the cost of owning cars.

it does sound like the transmission is going (or has gone) and needs a rebuild (the junk yard idea is so so in my opinion, since the year of the transmission is the same as yours)

well. i found a place that will check the transmission for me and diagnois the problem for free. the only problem is, he said if i didnt go with him it would cost. but i did find a transmission in a junk yard for 850 and they said they would give me 250 back for the old one. but either way itll be worth it. its my dream car. always wanted one since my dad had one when i was little. thanks guys.

Given the yr 2000, and assuming maybe 100K miles or so, I would go with rebuilding my trans, if indeed, it it required. Don’t be surprised if you don’t also need a clutch replacement, too.

The $850 used trans could just as easily provide you with the same problem you have now, in 31-92 days or so, right after the used part warranty expires. Think carefully about this decision.