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Transmission Trouble - 2009 Subaru Impreza Auto

Hey folks, I’m having some transmission problems with my car.

I’ll start out by stating that I failed to get new transmission fluid, which definitely caused the issue. So let’s go back to December 26th. Check engine light came on, and I assumed it was for the oil (which has never happened before, suspicious). So I changed the oil, and took it for a test spin. Well, a mile later, I was going up a hill, and the clutch started slipping. Yes, I know, it’s an auto, but I know the feeling of a clutch slipping… no power, engine revving up, jolting forward when slip stops. At this point, I drive it home without much incident, a few slips and I part it but don’t drive it again. Checked the engine, and transmission fluid was out. Filled it back up, seemed to take care of the problem of slipping, but now there’s a new problem…

The new problem is the following. Every once in a while, going uphill or applying full power in first gear, the clutch will slip. Also, this happens 99% of the time, first gear to second gear is a bit of a jolt, not much more than normal, but it’s noticeable. And the transmission is kind of loud too, first gear sometimes sounds like there’s a marble in there.

Is this a rebuild? Will it work itself out? Is this an expensive fix??

It is very easy to burn out the clutches in an automatic when they start slipping. Not like a manual where a little bit of slippage can be tolerated. I suspect you’ve got some transmission damage from the slippage and from running out of fluid. Unanswered is what happend to the fluid in the first place? So i think you need to get it to a dealer or good trans shop to look for leaks and check for damage. Doubt whether anything will get better with usage and usually worse if you don’t find out what the original problem was. And the check engine light has nothing to do with the oil level, unless it was the oil pressure light, and may have stored a transmission code in the computer that could help diagnose the original problem.

Just so you know for future reference, the “check engine” light never means “change the oil.” It means there’s a problem with the engine that’s affecting the emissions control system. When you see the “check engine” light come on, go to an auto parts chain store and have them read the code for free. Write the code down in “P0123” format and go from there to your trusted mechanic for troubleshooting…or ask first on this forum.

As for the transmission, I’ll leave it to the transmission experts to answer.

I would suggest you check several Subaru sites for advice on you specific symptoms and for recommendations for a shop. You will likely be needing a good shop soon.

Error Code P0524 is defined as Engine Oil Pressure Too Low. This means an abnormally low oil pressure reading has been determined, a problem which could be caused by defective engine components or wrong oil viscosity.