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Transmission slipping?

2001 nissan quest 3.3l auto. at various speeds loss of forward thrust while rpms maintan or increase then it catches and runs fine for several days…is tranny shot or can this be fixed. fluid level fine and does not appear or sell burnt.

have you had it serviced as per the manual time/milage intervals?
I sounds like the donut is failing, but you want TRANSSMAN to give you the final word on this.

No, it was serviced at 70k that is the only trans. work done. she does ocassionally tow a small 18ft boat and a few weeks ago she towed a 8x10 open uhaul trailer about 100 miles round trip it was not a heavy load just some furniture. What is Donut and is it serviceable. I’m thinking I should unload on a trade-up rather than try to fix.

the donut is the torque converter, it serves as the clutch on the automatic transmission, and yours sounds like it got overworked and is beginning to fail. To replace it requires the transmission to be removed. If this is a transverse engine, then that often means the engine comes out too, all of which tends to up the cost of repairs. This is why most of us old timers prefer in line engines and manual transmissions, which weight less and are easyer to repair.