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Transmission Noise

History: 1 year ago, it was difficult shifting our 2002 Toyota Tundra from R to N to D, took it into AAMCO and they replaced transmission, it kept happening and we took it in 3 more times until they got it right. Now: Within the last week, small amounts of oil have been leaking onto the driveway, a clanging noise (like putting screws in a tumbling dryer) have been coming from the lower part of the engine but only when reverse or drive is engaged and going less than 5 miles a hour. All fluid levels are within normal. Are we going to have to do another transmisison job?

Probably you will. There might not have been anything wrong with the trans to start with. It could have been the shifter linkage. AAMCO stands for “All Automatics Must Come Out”.

If you don’t know of a good transmission shop, your best bet might be to price a reman transmission from Toyota.