Transmission replacement

I have a 1998 Izuzu Rodeo which was in the shop because I only had first and reverse gears. I was told they replaced the transmission,torque converter,assembly kit,fluid,filter kit,solenoid,boost valve&sleeve,shift kit,new clutch steels.

However, after I saw tranny fluid leaking and rough shifting, another shop checked it out and showed me that all the bolts holding the transmission and the crossframe

were never removed. This was very visible because there is ten years of road dirt and rust underneath. In a nutshell, is it possible to change these parts without dropping the transmission?

In order to replace the transmission the original transmission has to be removed from the vehicle.

Thank you. Thats what I thought. The second shop said that the first place changed the solenoid and they (the second place) said they changed the valve body. Would those two items be enough to correct the original problem of only having first and reverse gears. It seems to be running well now.

Yes, those two fixes would probably be enough to resolve the problem, but from afar it is difficult to diagnose the problem.

However, if the first shop charged you for the transmission that they clearly did not replace, you must have spent a very large sum of money on that scam. Do you plan on taking steps to recover that money? Hopefully the second shop will give you a notarized statement of their findings. If that is presented in Small ClaimsCourt, you would probably be able to recover your wasted money.

I hate cheats, and I will go as far as necessary to make them repay those hurt by their scams.

Just out of curiosity, was the first shop a chain operation like AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, or Mr. Transmission?

Update-The second shop opened up the plate under the tranny and showed us a brand new torque converter! The first shop was so gentle when they removed all the bolts that it was hard to tell they had been touched. They also proved to us upon closer inspection that other bolts had been removed and replaced. It is running really smooth now. Yes this was a chain operation and guess what-both shops are honest! This was a misunderstanding based upon a third party who meant well but was wrong.
PS My brakes went yesterday and I have new brakes now to match the new tranny. I have learned way too much about transmissions lately but it is really interesting and luckily everyone involved made peace.