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Transmission pump

I have a 2005 trailblazer leaking fluid out the vent. Could the pump be going bad?

I wouldn’t bet on that.

Probably not. The venting could be from overfilling or coolant mixing with the ATF. How does the fluid level condition look?? Do you tow with it??


The dealer said that my transmission fluid was over filled and that it needed to be flushed and filled to the correct level. I have never had my ATF changed so I did not understand how it could be over filled, but I went ahead and had them change the fluid. It still is leaking but the level does not seem to be dropping and yes, I tow a trailer a lot. The dealer said that if the flush did not correct the problem then it is probably the pump.

The leak I speak of is small, probably the size of a quarter when I let it sit over night. It has 50,000 miles and the ATF looks clear with a red tint to it, but again I just had it changed.