Help, it's sprayed Transmission Fluid again!

So I had the transfluid and filter changed at a trans shop, drove it home 1hr away, no issues. Then went to pick up a 6x6 today (2nd time driving since the change) and noticed in my mirror a fog towards the back. Stopped after my 40min drive and smelled trans fluid right away from the cab. Looked at the back of the truck and had trans spray all over the tail gate. This is nothing new as I had this happen at the 60k mark. At that time I took it to a local shop and they refilled it and said they tightened the bolts. All was good till the 90k change today…

It was dripping when I stopped, then I turned it off looked around, it stopped dripping. Turned it on and put it in D, no more dripping or spray. Had to go and buy a 19mm wrench to check the fluid and the fluid showed on all cross hatch marks.
Called a local trans shop and they said it could have been over filled. He asked about slipping or failure to shift. But no issues with that.
He couldn’t get to it till tomorrow, but said he thought id be OK to drive 40mins home. I did after buying trans fluid and a funnel, just incase. The drive home showed 193 to 202 f, noticed it cooled twice to 199. No drips when I looked back at home and the fluid was still in the hashs.

What’s the deal?

Over-filling a transmission can force the excess fluid out the vent.


They may have overfilled it. I’d be annoyed if they did, though. I assume you’ve got the truck back home now? I’d buy a few cans of brake parts cleaner and use that to clean up the underside of the truck and the transmission. Clean off all of the spilled fluid. Double check that the level is good. Then drive it short distances and look for leaks. If you see any leaks, take it back to the shop that changed the fluid. Might not be a bad idea to take it back to them and let them check the level.

I’d also find another transmission shop next time.

Ohhhhh! That makes sense. Never knew that there was a vent! I just learned of a carb having tube that does the same thing. The easiest things I didnt know. Thank you!

You might can find the vent and see if it’s wet with trans fluid in or around it. Still, if a trans shop can’t get the level right enough that it doesn’t spew out the vent…I think I’d rather learn to just do it myself next time or find another shop…

Sorry that happened to you twice. please find another shop. they obviously do not know what they are doing. like the saying goes… fool me once shame on you. fool me twice shame on me. 3rd time might not go as well.

Yeah, I agree. This was a new shop to me since we just moved. He seemed knowledgeable when I was talking with him. The other time it was the stealership

Where would I find the overflow tube? I’d definitely check it. I’ll look online for some info and photos.

Not sure on your truck. You may can find out by searching online. They’re usually directly on top of the transmission, behind the bellhousing. May or may not have a rubber tube hanging down from it. Generally kind of a pain to access the actual vent on the trans. Some have the rubber vent tube terminating in the engine compartment. Should have a little plastic cap on it, most of the time.

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You may have to lower the transmission to see the vent, as they’re mounted on top of the transmission to prevent water intrusion.




Well if it’s up there, theres no chance of me getting to it. Besides the mess. Am I OK to drive it and contact the place on Monday?

The wife is usually right when she speaks and well she’s worried that it’s not the vent so of course now I’m worried because when I don’t listen… :joy:

I’m thinking it was overfilled, purged because it did it only going up steep hills… Didn’t do it on the way home… But then again, didn’t do it coming home from the trans shop. :person_gesturing_ok:

If it was leaking out the vent because it was overfilled, you’ll be fine to drive it. No way to know that for certain, though. That’s why I recommend cleaning all the old fluid off, taking short trips, and checking for leaks.


Will do! Thank you again all! It’s the best I can do being new to the area, knowing no one to call for help, knowing no repair shops and such. Shout out to all you good people!

I would check the fluid level again tomorrow.

If it’s fine, the transmission was probably over-filled.




I wouldn’t wash that tranny fluid under the truck off.

There’s now an extra layer of rust protection.



Even with as caustic as trans fluid is? Motor oil I could understand :joy:

Tranny fluid IS oil.



Some older fluids might have been more corrosive, knew a guy at work who oiled his Red Wing work boots with transmission fluid, worked in the elements every day and never had a corrosion issue.

I had a similar problem with a Pontiac years ago, turned out to be the radiator was clogged up
with bugs etc, the car never overheated just spewed tranny fluid. You may have a separate tranny radiator.

Well, was fine when I tested it yesterday. Drove it further today and it happened once again. Level still shows full. This time it started shifting funny and the temp went to 223 :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Called the trans shop and they said it could have purged again like we all thought, said maybe it needs to be reset (trans adapt).
He did disclose it may have an extra pint.

Once it cooled to 208 when I stopped, it shifted normal again. Hate to say it, but now waiting at a dealership which likely wont know what’s wrong with it based on the service writer talking to the tech.

I was going to haul a load today so now I’m up a creek without a paddle.


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