Throttle cable transmission fluid leak

I have a bad transmission fluid leak through the throttle cable. Toyota no longer stocks throttle cables for the 1984 Camry. What can be done, other than pouring in a quart every time I want to go somewhere?


Don’t you mean the speedometer cable?


Transmission leak through the throttle cable? I dont think this is possible. Add your mileage and service record pls. Thank you

That sounds better and maybe as simple as an O Ring?

Throttle valve cable. Sure. Maybe called the detent cable or the kick down cable.

Yes, it’s the kick down cable where the fluid leaks.

The car runs fine despite having 365,000 miles. It’s not going to last a whole lot longer (it is developing rust issues), but I was hoping this wouldn’t be the problem that finishes it off.

I’m not familiar with how that kick down cable is attached to the transmission. If it is leaking at an O ring you might carefully pull the cable, remove the O ring and clean it and the groove it fits in and carefully smear black RTV on the O ring and the groove and reassemble it being careful not to let the RTV get pushed into the transmission. After curing it might keep you on the road for a while longer. I have had luck with GM turbo-hydramatics using that patch up.

Be really careful with that RTV, though. I have heard horror stories of RTV contaminating transmissions and sending them to the scrap yard. Incidentally, those st ories had to do with GM Turbo-Hydramatics, but it was in a case where RTV was used in place of a pan gasket. It disintegrated/broke apart and ended up in the valve body, ruining the transmission.