Transmission Problems?

I Have a 2003 Kia Spectra.

Today, on my way home from work, my car started experiencing what I can best described as tranny problems. 1st to 2nd was fine and shifted with no problems at all. 2nd to 3rd, is when I noticed something was amiss. When the car tried to go into 3rd gear, the engine would start revving and not shift. I would proceed to lift my foot off of the gas (as to not damage anything) and then I would try again. Sometimes Second or Third times where a charm. However, when it did go into third, it would shift hard. There was no where to put the car, without it being towed away. So I decided, that the best thing was to take side streets, where I would not need to depend on the Third Gear. After I got it home, I checked the Tranny Fluid and it still had it’s pinkish type color. It did not smell burnt, and it was at the proper fill line. I decided to call a friend, so he could test it. When he and I took it out for a test drive, it shifted properly every single time. I’m now confused and bewildered.

1) Am I going crazy?

2) Was this Transmission problem? Could it be something else?

3) If it was a Tranny Problem, why did it go away after I turned the car off???

Everything has been done according to the oem “severed” maintenance schedule. This includes a complete transmission service which was done at my local Kia Dealer.

  1. Am I going crazy?

I doubt it…

  1. Was this Transmission problem?

Possibly an issue in the valve body, sticky/lazy shift valve.

Could it be something else?

Yes, a computer issue or even a sensor. You see, the computer uses information from different engine and transmission sensors to decide when to shift the transmission. If a sensor is giving a faulty reading then the computer cant shift the transmission when it should.

  1. If it was a Tranny Problem, why did it go away after I turned the car off???

If the problem went away when you cycled the ignition switch then more than likely there is an electronic issue causing the problem and cycling the ignition off then back on again reset the problem.

Take it to a trans shop or dealer and have them scan the computer to see if the computer set a trouble code. This is the best place to start. Let us know what you find out.