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2001 Kia Optima Shifting Problems

We purchased this Kia a year ago from the original owner. A few months ago, the started jerking when shifting from 3rd to 4th gear. We have had the transmission fluid flushed and the transmission system has been lubricated in all place that can reached without taking the whole thing out. The jerking is not consistent…sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Also, the rpms don’t rev past 3, even when it is hesitating to shift (before the jerk). Any suggestions???

Has the computer been scanned for codes?? If not, thats where I would start. Did this problem start before or after the flush??


The problem started before we had it flushed. Haven’t had the computer scanned. Is this the next step? How much does that typically run?

Some shops will actually scan it for free. This is normally on the assumption that they can sell you a repair. Others seem to charge something on the order of an hour’s labor. Just call around to LOCAL transmission shops - i.e. avoid the national chains.