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Transmission problems

Hey I jus replaced a transmission cooling line on my 2000 Buick century and was able to drive it a couple days and it ran fine the transmission fluid that i used was pink in one bottle and the other three bottles I had were red but didn’t realize it was pink until after I pulled the stick out to see how much more was needed and now it’s jerking in every gear it goes in and my service engine light is on and my line on both ends are tight so what could I do to fix that problem?

The question is less about the color of the transmission fluid, and more about the type. That car requires Dexron III transmission fluid. This is also the same as what “Mercon” used to be, so when you buy that stuff these days it will often be labeled Dex/Merc. These days people would say to use Dexron VI in it - which is no longer the same as Mercon, but is GM’s latest edition of Dexron.

So…what type fluid did you put in it?

When you are checking it, is that with the engine running and in park after having cycled through every shifter position, pausing in each one? If not, then do that to make sure the fluid level is correct.

The check engine light means there are error codes. You need to have them read and report them in their exact format (like “P0123”). Many auto parts stores read these for free.

I used the dexron lll and yes I checked itwhile the car was running and the level was exactly where it was supposed to be and the only thing i could think of to do was drain that transmission fluid take out the cooling line and clean it outand put new fluid in and buy a new filter and where would the filter be located?

The filter is located in the pan. You need the codes read and they will do it free at Advance or Autozone. Post the codes and we can help.

Ok thanks

By the way, when asking people to help you, it’s generally a good idea to make it as easy as possible for those people. When I see one long blob of words instead of sentences, I skip it and move on to another thread that’s easier to read and understand; I’m sure others do the same.