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Transmission problems

I hve a 89 Chevy Silverado Z71. Transmission will not shift out. It’s only a lil over a yr old. Got it frm Advance Auto Parts. Any suggestions?

Will not shift out of “Park”? Will not shift out of first gear? Reverse?

Need a lot more info. What exactly is it doing???


Will not shift out of first. It does hve reverse. Was working fine until we replaced the fly wheel.

Manual transmission I assume. Could be a frozen or wrong size pilot bearing in the new flywheel. Was this a new flywheel or a salvage yard one?

It’s a automatic 700 R4 & it’s was a salvage flywheel…

Well, since you have reverse that leaves out the torque converter bolts not being in. Two other things you need to look at. One, of course is the fluid level and second is the TV cable. If that TV cable is adjusted too tight the shifts will be late or not at all.


When you say flywheel, don’t you mean flexplate?

I guess? Lol! I’ve always heard it called flywheel.