Transmission problems

I have a 1996 Chrysler Town & Country. I can change the gears, but the car does not move. There was no indication of transmission problems beforehand. The transmission fluid was (supposedly) changed in August, and the problem happened right after Thanksgiving. I’ve had someone look at the car, and he says the fluid is dirty. He says he culd change the fluid and the filter and see if that is the problem, but gives it about a 25% probability of success. What should I do?

You have to change the fluid and filter. If the fluid was dirty in august then chances are it is time for a new car or new tranny. It is a remote possibility that this is an electronic solenid transmission. I’m not sure on this year and model. It could be a bad solenoid pack. You need to have a shop scan the TCM to see if there might be a failure code that would help.

Which engine do you have in your T&C??? You either have the 670 or the 604 transmission. Depending on which one you have, we would have to go two different routes when diagnosing your problem. First, with the engine running and warmed up check the fluid level and condition. Is the van parked on a level surface?? How does the fluid level look?? What color is the fluid?? Does it smell burned?? I know someone told you the fluid was dirty but did you confirm this yourself?? The torque converters in the 604’s have a nasty habit of going out. Let me know which engine you have and whether you checked the fluid level and condition and we can go from there.


According to a VIN search on Carfax, I have a 3.8L V6 SFI OHV 12v. Is this helpful?

I did check the condition, and it was not clear pink but kinda muddy pink. It did not smell burned to me. It was relatively level surface. According to the owner’s manual the fluid level seemed to be ok.

Thank you!

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