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Transmission Problem?

We have a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country with 78k miles. The dealer service dept. attempted to flush the transmission but said the machine would not work so they called in someone from the machine place to fix it and were told the machine is fine and that the car is the problem. HAve you ever heard of a car that won’t flush? They also said there bits of stuff in the pan and the transmission needs to be replaced. We have had no problem with the tranmission - it shifts fine. We took the car to Aamco and they said it is fine. I assume this is unrealted but the bushings need to be reaplced - there is something bouncing under the car in the front. We do feel a strange shaking at high speeds sometimes (not always). Thoughts?


Any shop that can’t tell whether it’s their machine or your car that isn’t working doesn’t deserve your business.

The shaking could have a number of different causes. Start by checking the tires for abnormal wear and then rotate them front to back to see if the vibration moves.

That sort of shaking is usually worn or out of balance tires, worn out struts, worn out ball joints or other articulating joints, or things of that sort. Start searching in those areas first.