1997 Chrysler Town & Country - 2 codes

Yesterday afternoon the “Service Engine Soon” light turned on in our '97 Town & Country (3.8L engine). A few minutes later (while I headed to Autozone to get the code read) the light went out. They were still able to retrieve 2 codes: P0700 and P1775. Internet searches suggest a possible bad solenoid pack for the transmission. I appreciate any additional insights this community can offer. More background: The van has 161,000 miles, and the original owners got the transmission replaced at 40,000 miles under warranty (4 speed automatic). The transmission fluid was replaced (pan drop method) at about 153,000 miles and at 112,000 miles, etc., with Chrysler ATF +4 fluid. The van got new plugs and wires about 15,000 miles ago. (It also got a new radiator and hoses yesterday morning which I think is unrelated.) Another possible clue: On long trips sometimes the 2nd transmission shift will become slightly rough but it still shifts and after it has rested everything returns to normal. This occasional shifting issue has been going on for over 5 years and again when it manifests itself it is very slight. Thanks in advance for your insights.

The 2nd shift I believe is known as “shift bump” and is a common problem after pan drop ATF change. The dealer could do a quick learn on the computer to alleviate it, otherwise it usually goes away or becomes less obvious after ~1000 miles of driving. The shift solenoid packs are know to go bad on these cars (I assume you have the 4 speed auto transmission). I believe part is around $100 and replacement does not need removal of transmission, relatively easy. But I am not sure if you need one. Sometimes it could just be a loose wire or something else. I suggest looking on the allpar forums since they have a wealth of info and then maybe have a good transmission shop check the car.

Thanks for the info, Galant. I’ll also try the Allpar forum as you suggest.