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I have a grand voger 1995 and my transmission is not shifting up it stay in one gear. Why does it not shift and is it a easy fix?

Did you at least check the fluid? How many miles are on it? Is the check engine light on?

It is in “limp mode.” You’re looking at anything from $5 to replace the ground strap on the transmission to $3-4000 to replace the whole thing. The only thing you can do is find your best, local transmission shop and have then look it over and put it on a scanner.

It is important to fix this soon. If it remains in limp mode too long it can result in marital problems.

First thing, take it to a transmission shop and let them pull the transmission codes. It could be something as simple as speed sensors. These were a very common failure and are cheap to replace. Post back here with the code/s and we can go from there.


I pulled some code off and came out to be 35,21,32,and 55. The transmission work find befor never had any problems. My rmp seem to jump up and down for while.

None of those codes will put your transmission into limp mode. Your van needs professional attention.

I got those code off the service engine light are you able tell me what code mean that gave you.

When have you had the transmission serviced? Fluid changes, etc.? Current miles on vehicle?

Yes. In your other post, Tester gave you a link to use:

Do you get what I mean about putting different parts of the same problem in multiple threads? Keep it all together.

The only thing you could possibly do on your own is inspect all of your wiring bundles/harnesses very carefully for some obvious damage site. Also find, inspect, clean, retighten all of the grounding points for the van. Its possible that you have a damaged ground or other wiring damage that could cause all of this. You may be able to get wiring diagrams from Autozone’s website.

The transmission is 4 yrs old it engine has 137,000 mile on it the car never had any sign of slipping or shifting problems. I have not chang the oll it has right amout oil in it. The car sat out side for the winter then I try to move it the spring and the transmission will not shift to secound gear. My rmp are low and the jump up and down between 100o to less.

“The car sat out side for the winter then I try to move it the spring”

…and the information just keeps trickling out.

Open the hood and find all the places where rodents chewed on wires and stuff over the winter. Fix it.

Ok - that is, of course, just a guess but this is common.

That transmission is all electronically controlled. If the TCU doesn’t have everything it needs to operate it will shut the transmission down to limp mode. So I will halfway take back what I said in a post above - wiring damage can easily be at the center of all of those codes and the transmission.

If you find no obvious damage, still check all the grounds and start pulling connectors, cleaning them with electronics cleaner and re-connecting with some dialectric grease.

I ran my code on the car and clear them out and the only code that came back is a map senter. Would that cause some affect to the transmission? The car run rich and strugles to stay running i have to give gas for while to keep it running.

How did you run these?? With a scanner?? If you did, its possible that transmission codes came up. Codes 21 and 32 deal with pressure switch circuits and WILL cause limp mode. I would still have a transmission shop check the TCM with a scanner. If you are in limp mode then there will be a transmission code stored.


Your car has at least 2 and likely more than 2 problems. The motor is running poorly, one problem. The transmission isn’t shifting is a whole different problem. All this could be beyond your ability to diagnose and repair yourself. Rodent damage to wiring is very possible due the car sitting out the winter.

I count the engine light code when it blink at me they are 12,14,21,32,and 55. Then I clear them and only this number came back 12,14,and 55

So have you looked for wiring damage yet or not? Did you check & clean your grounds, especially the strap to the transmission? Did you actually use the link provided in both of the threads you made - the link that gives you the code meanings? Or are you waiting for one of us to just stop by?

12 just means that the ECU’s memory was cleared recently. It will come up any time you lose battery power. You probably disconnected the battery recently or it went dead while sitting. The 14 is for the MAP sensor circuit. I wouldn’t guess that this would put your transmission in limp mode, but the computers do need it to calculate engine load and this transmission activity. The 55 just says that’s the end of the codes. Unless you find wiring/grounding issues that put it all back in order you still need a transmission tech to put it on the right kind of scanner.

What I can see is the map senter wire was been cut form the unit. But the tanmission wire seem to be ok no cut or nothing tor off.

My speed senor on my grand voger 1995 which one could it be the problem for it not to shift up? Could it be input or the output?