2002 Acura Revving Question

My 2002 Acura MDX is an automatic. Frequently while in the midst of driving and foot on gas, the car will all of a sudden rev as though it is in neutral. The RPMs rise and in order to gt the car to continue driving, I have to lift my foot off the gas completely and then it seems to re-engage and continue on. any thoughts on what could be causing the “neutral-like” blips while in drive?

Transmission troubles. If you’re lucky, it’s just a pressure switch. If you’re unlucky, the transmission is going to need to be rebuilt/replaced. How long since you did a fluid exchange?

First thing I would do is have the fluid level checked. If I remember correctly there is no dipstick, the fluid level needs to be checked at the transmission pan with the car running. A shop should be able to do this for a minimum labor charge. If the fluid is low or discolored have it serviced and hope for the best. If it were an electrical issue I’d expect a warning light on the dash. I suspect your transmission is nearing the end of its life.