Transmission problem?

Gotta get those codes first. Hopefully we won’t find the dreaded p0740 but I’m afraid we might. Several things I’m thinking of like a bushing issue or a clogged cpc screen.


Sorry things got off on the wrong foot.
I’m sure you encounter gifted musicians with poor social skills (cough - Buddy Rich - cough).
This might seem like the Gig From Hell, but don’t walk off just yet.
Lots of good advice since your last post above. transman is the Maestro.
Click on “Mechanics Files” at the top if you’re looking for a good indie mechanic.
In the future get the trans fluid changed, not flushed, every 30,000 miles.

Circuitsmith, thank you for your insight. I agree with you, the people posting before you know their stuff. And I chuckled at your comment about Buddy Rich. A friend of mine told me the transmission may still be salvageable, and that the transmission fluid (even though the LEVEL is fine) may contain aluminum in it. But I’m not sure. Not really a car guy. I realized today driving around that in fact while driving in Drive3 the car will still idle and then shake violently into gear at a stoplight. Never happens in Drive2 or 1 though. Can shifting slowly from drive 4 to drive 2 or 1 at a stoplight hurt a car with an automatic transmission? I did that for awhile when this problem began and it solved it for awhile, but then the transmission started acting up again. I’m from Orlando, FL and I have to drive 100 or so miles to Clearwater, FL tomorrow, so I just pray it will make it.

Again, thank you to everybody who took the time to answer my question.

Try not to take it too hard, tj11. Everyone here wants to help, but to do that they need as much information as possible. Remember, nobody here can see the car or ride with you to see the problem. Tester was sarcastic, but your first post was the equivalent of going into a library and saying “I’m looking for a book. The cover is blue. Can you help me?”

As others have said, go to your local auto parts store and ask if they’ll read the codes for you (that’s why your Check Engine light is on). If you post back with them-it’ll be a letter and 4-digit number, e.g., P0445-everyone here will be able to help you much more easily. Probably with the same amount of sarcasm though. :slight_smile: