Transmission problem

I’ve got a friend that has a dodge ram 1500 4x4 with a 360 v8 engine. the problem is when he puts it in gear, it doesn’t matter what gear, it’ll go in gear for about a minute then it slips out. the only way that he can get it to go back in gear is to cut the truck off and then restart the truck. When he does this it’ll go back in gear for about a minute then it’ll slip out again. He also said that he could see some transmission fluid leaking. What could cause this problem?

What could cause that problem would be transmission fluid leaking. Is this an automatic?

Have the transmission checked by a good mechanic. The most probable cause is a transmission cooling line broken or cracked. This will cause the pressure to drop rapidly and the transmission will not stay in gear.

If the fluid level is low, it will come out of gear. Have him check the fluid level with the engine hot and running, truck on a level surface, and the gear selector in NEUTRAL. What year is this Ram???


yes it’s an automtic