Transmission problem



The other day i noticed that my 05 Ford Taurus SE driving funny the other day. It shitft from first to second gear great, but when it goes from 2nd to 3rd, it changes too quick and takes a few minutes to speed up. So, my check transmission indicator came on, so I took my car to the ford dealership to get a diagnostic test done. Codes for a fuse and my air compressor came up, but nothing in regards to my transmission. So today, I drove my car and noticed that check transmission light came one once i tried to go down the road and it acted like my car was in neutral and the gear lever kept increasing. So, i don’t know what is going on because out of all the codes that have been ran on my car since i had and yesterday, it did not include transmissions. I am confused, and once the car get into gear, it drives like no problem. WHAT IS IT!!! Someone please help me!!!


How many miles and has the transmission fluid ever been changed? How cold has it been in your area?


Does your dash literally have a “check transmission” light? Or is it some other light and you are translating?

There are no codes that indicate a fuse or air compressor (- ? - does this have air suspension in the rear or something?) Look at your invoice and see if they provided any actual codes - they would look something like P0123

Clarify this: “takes a few minutes to speed up.” A few minutes is a really long time. What is the car doing during this time? Revving really high but no going? Or just not really responding to the throttle?

And this: “the gear lever kept increasing” since I can’t even imagine what this means.

You might find that you are not getting serious attention from this dealer and you don’t have to use one. A regular, independent mechanic can look over the car. If you become certain that it is a transmission problem then you’d just want one that specializes in transmissions.


94,000 miles and yes my fluid have been changed. The coldest it has been in my area was 22 degress.