2005 FORD Taurus SE Transmission "Problem"

I purchased my “New to me” 05 Taurus last October, it now has 71781 miles. I only know that it was a fleet vehicle before it was used by several close family fiiends for about a year. Last night, I just rolled in off the highway from a relaxing 3 1/2 hour ride home from my holiday,Cruise control was on majority of the time. I turned off the exit ramp and was pulling up to the 1st of 2 stop lights before arriving home… when the RPM’s went up to 3 or 4, I slowed and the check transmission message flashed on my dash. I pulled into the gas station at this very light, opened the hood, checked the fluid. it was fine. I closed the hood and drove the 2 blocks home slowly. Checked fluid again. to make sure I was not missing anything. On the way to work, this morning, not even 1/4 mile from the house going up a hill it happened again, took car to Auto shop who referred immediatly to a Tranns shop who I called at 4:30 this afternoon to discover the results of the diagnositic. 2 error codes were repeating… Gear 2 and gear 3 incorrect ratio. They say that they need to “get-inside” to really see what is causing this… and that will run approx 400.00 just to “see what is going on”

Now I am a “girl” so I am used to being talked down to when it comes to mechanical things… But aren’t there a few things that can be checked on the outside of the transmission first… like filters? Modulator Valves? and Power relay’s?

I KNOW that I could be wrong… but they have not put the Modulator valve on the inside have they? it used to be connected on the outside with just one screw… Any way… I would really appreciate any advice or possible solutions.

Most of these transmissions are electronically controlled. The shift points and line pressure are controlled by solenoids which get their commands from the PCM. The solenoids are usually accessible without removing the transmission.

You don’t mention whether a line pressure check was performed especially during the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts are taking place and while #2 and #3 ratios are engaged. If the line pressure is within spec then you probably don’t need a pressure regulating solenoid. If the shift points are occuring at the specified road speeds, then the shift solenoids are not in question.

If you still have Gear 2 and Gear 3 incorrect ratios with in-spec line pressure, the next to suspect is a slipping friction element i.e. clutch pack or band. Hopefully transman618 will pipe in and give us the definitive answer.

Well they said they drove the car and that the scan indicated that the line pressure was not within spec and that something was internally damaged, and that meant either replacing with a new or rebuilt period. he also said that there are no longer Modulator valves and computers did everything. So I am going to have to get another diagnosic from a ford dealership and see what they have to say.

Good move. Get a second opinion, especially if the first one came from a place known as scAAMCO.