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Transmission Problem

2008 Toyota 4Runner V6:

Having fairly often problem with hesitation between Reverse and Drive. Engine just turns, no transmission connection. Sometimes engages with a fairly strong “surge”. Used to happen on long trips when perhaps transmission coolant hotter, but now more frequent, in city, etc. Several dealers no longer wish to see me saying there is nothing wrong in twenty different ways. Can you help???

Are you not aware that your Owner’s Manual contains contact informaton for Toyota’s Customer Care staff in California? If you sincerely believe that there is a problem with the transmission (and it does sound as if there is a problem), then you need to “kick it up a notch” by involving the Toyota Corporate people. You also need to read the details on the Lemon Law for your state, in order to see if you are still covered.

A friend of mine had a persistent, albeit intermittent, problem with his '08 RAV-4. The dealership supposedly tried to fix it, but consistently reported “no problem found”. Using my legal training, I composed and forwarded an appropriate letter to the Toyota corporate people in California, reminding them that my friend would qualify for a new replacement vehicle under the terms of the NJ Lemon Law if the problem was not resolved upon the next repair visit to the dealership.

The result of my letter was that Toyota’s regional technical expert, and a Japanese engineer from the firm that manufactured the suspect component, worked on the RAV at the next visit, rather than the dealership’s mechanics. The result, after about 4 hours, was an admission that the dealership’s technicians had screwed up, and the problem was resolved.

It is truly amazing what happens when you educate yourself by reading the Owner’s Manual, and when you utilize existing statutes, such as the Lemon Law. If it worked for me and for my friend, it can likely work for you.