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Toyota Corolla 2008

We have a 2008 5 speed Toyota Corolla which has stalled since we bought it new. We have been to the dealer 3 times and they contend that it is the drivers (my husband and I) who are at fault. We are devoted Toyota folks and have driven 5 speeds for years. What other recourse do we have. It stalls when you are idling at a traffic light and the shifting is not smooth. THANKS!

If you have not already researched the terms of the Lemon Law in your state, then you need to do so IMMEDIATELY before your options under this law expire!

I can tell you from personal experience that Toyota’s corporate customer service people (not the folks at the dealership) will bend over backwards to try to satisfy you once they receive a certified letter stating that you are going to file a Lemon Law complaint.

To find out the terms of the statute in your state, go to:

In addition to VDCdriver’s comments (do follow up on them) I suggest you ask what exactly are your and your husband doing to cause the problem.

Could you tell us in as much detail as possible, exactly what is happening when it stalls.

But how are they BEFORE they get that letter? :stuck_out_tongue:
I imagine ANY car maker would bend over backwards once they got a lemon law letter.

You are way behind on this issue. As Joseph requested, provide as much detail as you can concerning the times that this occurs. Even if it does not turn out to be a lemon law return, we all might be able to figure out how to discuss this with your dealer to resolve the problem. But while we are on the lemon law, make sure that you have a receipt for each visit. Without the receipt you were never there. Also know the law in your state. A web search for ‘lemon law’ and your state will tell you exactly what you need to know. Plan ahead in case you need it.

Correction: It’s a 2009 Corolla. (wife’s mistake) When you start off in first gear it often, but not always, stalls. It starts right up. I f you rev the engine and slip the clutch it will go. When upshifting, as you let out the clutch, you can feel the car buck or lerch as the clutch engages fully. I’ve driven 5 speeds since 1972 and have never had one that responds like this. We have not documented on paper every visit to the dealership which is Metro Toyota in Cleveland, Ohio. The dealer contends that the throttle is controlled by electronics and sensors unlike any of the previous Toyotas (7) we have owned. THANKS

Take the service rep out for a ride while you drive and see if it does it. Then let him drive back and see if it stalls. If it stalls while you drive and not while he does, note any differences in clutch/accelerator operation. I would guess that maybe 15 minutes each way would do the trick. You might also ask to drive another 2009 Corolla 5-speed to see if you have the same problems.

Schedule a meeting with toyota zone manager at the dealer’s shop. Explain if unable to get this resolved immediately you will be going the lemon law route. Make sure the zone manager knows your course of action before the meeting. Document all.