Transmission Problem with 2000 Chrysler Concorde

The car is in limp mode. It will not come out of 1st gear. Checked the speed sensors, it is my understandin that I should be getting 5 volts there… and I am getting less than one. Therefore I assume… there is not power to the speed sensor. My next thought is that the transaxle module is bad and may need to be replaced?? Is this likely? The diagnostic codes we are getting are p0700, p0733, p0731 and p0715.

The 0700 just tells you that the computer has found a problem in the transmission controller. The 0715 is a turbine speed sensor and the 0733,0731 are gear ratio codes. This is a very common problem. Replace both input and output speed sensors. The sensors should cost around $50 for both. Replace them and you should be back on the road.


We considered replacing the sensors, however… the repair manual said to first check that we were getting 5 volts to the sensors and we are not. Is there a reason we are not getting the volts? A $50.00 repair would be a godsend… I just don’t want to buy the sensors if that is not the issue. Thanks so much for your help. We have been trying to figure this out for a week! And it is our daughters car and she really needs it. Thanks again!!

What book told you this?? Both the input and output speed sensors are AC voltage generators. In short, they produce their own AC voltage. Its much easier to check these with a scanner. I dont see it being a ground problem, reason being, the input, output speed sensors and TFT sensor share a common ground so you would also have trouble codes for these too if the ground was bad. Due to these sensors being such a common problem I honestly think changing them will solve your problem. It is recommended that you change them both since they work together. If you have access to a scanner, this would be the best way to check it.


THANK YOU!!! We are going to give that a shot. It is waaaaaaaaaaaaay easier than what we were contemplating… The info I was referring to came out of a Haynes Repair Manual that we bought at Advance Auto. I presume we were reading it correctly… but maybe not? We’ll go w/ the $50.00 and give it a shot… cuz really our time is so much more valuable!!! Thanks alot!! I will let you know how it works out… but it might be a few days… have to go to our real jobs you know!!, lol!! Thank you, Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! For under $50.00 my daughters car is back on the road!!! And my husband can sleep after working all day instead of making a 70 mile round trip to her house to look at her car and home. I can not tell you how grateful we are!! Thanks!!!

Oh, thats great. Glad to see everything worked out and she is on the road. If you have any more questions, dont hesitate to ask.


The sensors are notorious for failing. It costs about $40 to replace them both. When mine have conked out, I have also gotten a check engine light.

hi i am also getting the codes p0700,p031,p1776,and p0841. and i think that replacing those sensor will help. but what else are the speed sensor called and where are they found? if you could help with this then it would be a grate help think you transman

Your problem is going to be different. Your problem is coming from either the solenoid pack or valve body. Converter clutch failure is common in these where converter clutch trash contaminates the valve body, solenoid pack and cooler. You need to get it to a trans shop as soon as possible and get it checked.


think you very much that just saved me a lot think you