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Transmission problem for Ford Escape 2013

I have a Ford Escape 2013. Right now there is problem in transmission, that is when accelerating to around 60 km/h (40 m/h), it bumps after pedal release (It accelerates right after pedal release, while normally it should decelerates and stays put). This problem only happens at around 60 km/h (40 m/h) and no happen at other speed. But at lower speed transmission is sometimes jerky when accelerating or decelerating. I took car to Ford dealer, and they reloaded (reset) the programming module. It worked better in 1st week, but got worse after that. I notice that transmission jerky problem is worse in hot weather (over 20 degree with sunshine), but is better in cool and cloudy weather and not sure in cold weather.

I am getting headache with this problem because this is my 1st new car (bought 1 year old), and I have driven several old cars (10+ years old) and never met this problem. I need help on this weird transmission problem. Thanks a lot.

The vehicle should still be in warranty unless you’ve got over 60k miles on it. It needs to go back to the dealer. You also need to keep copies of every repair order documenting the complaint and what was done.
If this does not get resolved then don’t hesitate to get Ford Motor Company involved. They have a customer service section on their website where service questions can be posed. They will probably be very tight-lipped in any response but may work behind the scenes with the dealer to resolve the issue.

There’s also the possibility that the problem is not related to the transmission. An air leak in the engine intake system or maybe a hiccup in the drive by wire throttle body could also possibly cause a problem like this.

Try this website for 2013 Ford Escape specific info

There’re a few threads reporting transmission shift issues.

Thanks a lot for the reply. One more question on how warranty works, if dealer does the repair job, will Ford company reimburse the cost? Is the dealer who sells the car unwilling to do the repair job like rebuild transmission in this case because Ford company won’t fully reimburse them or something else?