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Transmission PRoblem 1996 Jeep Cherokee

I have a 1996 Jeep Cherokee Country, Auto Transmission, 156,000 miles. About 2 years ago at approx 130,000 miles I started to have a transmission problem where the car would seemingly shift into neutral by itself - even though the gear shift was still in drive. I would be driving down the road and suddenly the engine RPM would elevate and and speed decreased. The car would slow down and pressing the accelerator would not increase speed only increase engine RPM. IF i cut the engine off and then restarted, everything would return to normal.

I had the transmission fluid changed but not the filter. This may/may not have been the first time the fluid was changed - it was pretty back looking so probably was the first time. The problem did not return and I thought I had it addressed - until today. Happened again. Fluid look good and only has a couple of years and less than 20,00o miles. Anyway - any suggestions on what to try?

It sounds like that transmission has been so neglected in terms of maintenance that it is probably toast. But it most certainly needs a new filter. Have a local transmission shop drop the pan and inspect it, replace filter, etc. See what they have to say. It probably won’t fix a thing, but at this stage of the game it is unlikely that anything will.

You pulled black fluid out of the trans at 156k but didn’t feel the need to change the filter?? Thank you for helping to keep my shop doors open. Between neglectful owners and those shops/fast lube places with flush machines my benches are full and my 4 year old’s college is paid for. Dude, your trans is history. Be happy it lasted this long being neglected. These transmissions are well known for their internal leakage problems. You dont see them lasting much more than 80-90k on a good day. Its overhaul time.