Transmission & power steering

Question: is if one needs transmission coolant and power steering coolant while towing 1800 lbs tent trailer for Honda Odessey Mini van. a reply on this would be appreciated vide email. Love you guys and your show.

One needs to follow the maintenance schedule for severe conditions as listed in the owners manual.

I don’t understand the question. Can you try again in English?

Coolant is a liquid, usually a water and glycol mixture that is in your engine and radiator.
Do you mean a transmission oil cooling radiator? If that’s what you mean and the vehicle isn’t fitted with one as standard then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to fit one.
A Power steering cooling system is not anything I have ever seen.
What is the maximum towing weight for your vehicle?
Towing puts a lot of extra strain on a vehicle so make sure it is properly serviced before attempting to tow nearly a ton.


Many trucks and vans have power steering coolers. They’re usually mounted in front of the condenser.

I believe my old 1995 Corolla even had one, factory installed. It was a stick shift, so I’m not confusing a trans cooler with a power steering fluid cooler.

Supplemental transmission cooler are fairly easily added to a vehicle. They also get mounted in front of the condenser.

You don’t say what year you have, but Honda offers both an add-on PS and trans cooler if towing, for most model years. Simple installation, just adds a finned cooler pipe behind the bumper for each.

My 1981 Accord had a PS cooler.